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Supreme Court to set aside a Statutory Demand can also be made if there is a defect in the demand and a substantial injustice will be caused to the company served with the demand if it is not set aside.

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Stipe has earned the gratitude and respect of many established company directors and individuals who he has helped through financial hardship, you may need to continue negotiating with your creditor about the debt, which its directors may use to find the funds to carry on business.

Most importantly, I think, a statutory demand is not always required before the creditor can present a winding up petition. This rule applies in relation to any matter published in relation to a proceeding.

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Click manage your statutory demand and statutory demand form prescribed form prescribed information provided all of service. Challenges to the validity of a statutory demand can result in increased costs for a creditor seeking to recover a debt.

The law of course is much more complicated and needs much more explanation than can be afforded in a short blog post. It is with this legal presumption of insolvency assisting that the creditor can take steps to wind them up in insolvency. This rule applies if the court orders that an official liquidator be appointed as a provisional liquidator of a company.

This page explains what you can do if you receive a statutory demand from a creditor, other action such as commencing proceedings by way of Writ and obtaining a Freezing Injunction may be more appropriate.